Ex-Pats Global Initiative


  • Launching the Olivermak Associates Ex-Pats initiative “Join” skilled professionals from the Mining, Petro-Chemical, Oil & Gas and Construction who are seeking to look at new roles to gain local and international work experience and life style changes.
  • Experience a new recruitment process through OliverMak Associates taking individuals through the sometimes tedious activity of searching for that ideal role around the globe.


  • Full turnkey offering when applying for the role, establishing client contact, managing and preparing for the interview process and when it happens negotiating the offer.


  • Allow OliverMak Associates to be your concierge make a booking and we will guide you through the process and make your journey a smoother less bumpy ride. We will present your skills to a client base using the latest smart-tools technology and global resources. Keeping you up to date throughout the process, alleviate any concerns and resolve issues that invariably arise through the lengthy process.


  • Opening business opportunities throughout the globe, marketing and sourcing skills as and where the projects or businesses are managed.


  • We are seeking individuals who add true value within the Engineering and Technical Project’s or businesses sectors to a discerning client base, who know the cost of making bad hiring decision.


Make you’re booking to-day no obligation, no charges no gimmicks only seeking genuine interested individuals no time wasters.